Baskets by Donna

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Here is a sampling on the many holiday gifts we can create.  Contact us so we can make the perfect gift! Items will vary upon availability.

  Breakfast Beach Christmas

Christmas Breakfast at the Beach
Gourmet pancake mix, Gourmet maple syrup, Gourmet coffee, coffee mugs in a Christmas themed bucket.

  Rudney Solomon Cohen & Felzer PC Hanakkah basket

Rudney Solomon Cohen & Felzer PC Hanukkah basket
Hanukkah wrapped candy bar, Jewish candy, Hanukkah popcorn tin, mixed nuts, and cookies.

  Rudney Solomon Cohen & Felzer PC Christmas basket

Rudney Solomon Cohen & Feltzer PC Christmas basket
Joy's Italian Biscotti, Christmas wrapped chocolate bar, Christmas popcorn tin, bagel chips, chocolate covered pretzels.

  Christmas Tea basket

Christmas Tea basket
Christmas mug with tea cookie, and an assortment of flavored teas.

  Christmas Snack

Christmas Snack basket
Christmas mug, hot chocolate, cookies and candy.

  Snowmen basket

Snowmen basket
Snowman potholders, Snowman guest towel, Snowflake mugs, Gourmet coffee, Gourmet cookies, and Ghirardelli chocolates.